Cramstation When it’s examination time, and you can already feel the butterflies in your stomach – wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick revision ‘buddy’? Cramstation is one such mobile app that can help you revise for your HSC examinations and study more effectively and efficiently.

ServicesThe app was effectively designed to cover all the important means of studying for an important examination. It was built to help students learn, remember and be prepared. It is available for download on iOS as well as on Android.

Project Brief

The app was built to work on both iOS as well as Android and had an easy to use interface to simplify the study process for the students appearing for the HSC examination. It enables students to revise a particular subject with great ease. It also has a number of features for revising, questions, summarizing the lessons and enhancing their ability to remember using flash cards.

App Features

  • An effective study app
  • Easy login/register system using facebook
  • Have content of over 200+ questions, 50+ executive summaries, and 170+ flashcards.
  • Different Topical Quizzes like exam with exam declaration.
  • Flash cards can be tagged as Don’t know, Know, untagged for easy filteration.
  • Exam simulation to feel like real exam with timer and result declaration.
  • Study reminders through push notifications.
  • Performance analysis - user individual and cohort performance analysis.
  • Best Topic, Worst Topic - Individual and cohort as well.
  • Community articles.


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