Google+ And SEO

March 23rd, 2012

Google+ exists and there is no denying that Google places a lot of importance on it’s social network activity for search rankings. SEO for these pages has now become imperative. Getting your Google+ pages SEO’ed is now a good idea. Whether you find it interesting or not, whether you find that your Facebook profile rocks and all your contacts are there, Google+ is not going anywhere, and nor is the fact that it is being fiercely promoted by Google. The sole intention of creating a social network was to improve the search results and not play “rival” to Facebook or any other social network.

Here are some SEO tips for your Google+ pages

  • For starters, content needs to be fresh.Google Plus and SEO
  • Profiles don’t matter as much as pages.
  • Getting+ 1’s is good.
  • Comments and shares are ok but not better than +1’s
  • Reach and followers go get an advantage
  • Include your search term in the Introduction, Employment and Education and Places
  • Use your keywords in at least two of the above fields.

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