Top 5 Link Baiting Techniques

September 27th, 2011

In continuation to the blog on Link Baiting, let’s take a look at the top 5 techniques in Link Baiting. As stated earlier, the content specially developed for link baiting must be alluring. It should have the capacity to grab the attention of a casual web surfer and then it must offer something irresistible!

Here are the most popular Link Baiting Techniques:

  • baittlbControversies: Initiate a discussion. Create a controversy. Encourage communication, comments and reply sincerely. This definitely draws the attention of website visitors.
  • Flash some breaking news! Some interesting piece of news (relevant to your website ofcourse).
  • Polls: Right – interesting polls encourage users to participate and checkout your website in the meanwhile!
  • Contests: Various contests and awards are an appealing option. People like to win you know!
  • Publish a list of top 10, or top 20 most popular things. (Like top 20 SEO blogs, or even interesting top 20 seo experts etc.

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