Web Design, SEO and Smartphone Optimized Websites

July 11th, 2012

Web Design and SEO have interdependent responsibilities. With the smartphone market growing very rapidly, and web designers building more and more smartphone optimized websites, Google too launched a Googlebot mobile to be able to crawl, track and read this data. Well, looks like Web Design can make things easier for both SEO’s and Google. Here are a few ways to design your website so that you need not have two separate codes for mobile and desktop viewers.

  • web design&SEO Responsive Web Design: In this method, a web designer can serve the users of any device with the same set of URLs and there is no need to create a separate one for mobile devices. This technique uses separate CSS to detect the device and the screen size and then adjust the web page to display on the screen. The method commonly used is a CSS3 media query. This has two specific advantages. Desktop and mobile content is the same, enabling easy user interaction, and Google would not have to use a separate Googlebot for mobile devices!
  •  Using different HTML code to serve different devices. This also means that there is a separate CSS too. The URL however remains the same. Google however recommends using the Vary HTML header, this helps caching servers and Googlebots to understand that content may change with the browsing device changes.

Web Design can definitely help to optimize a website for smartphones and desktops and your website has a greater chance at performing well with Google!

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