Open Source Web Development

Open Source Web Development

Open source web development includes a broad set of technologies that offers rapidly growing businesses with enough flexibility and scalability to adapt to the changing market and business trends.

We understand that every business thrives on their ability to get ahead of the competition. This is possible only with advanced technology that greatly simplifies things. Our cutting edge open source technology solutions include WordPress Development Services, Drupal Development, Joomla Development and lots more. We also offer our clients with the ability to hire WordPress Developers for custom WordPress Development as per business requirements. Some of our other open source solutions include Open Cart Development Services and Magento Web Development Services if you are specifically looking for building online stores.

Content Management Systems

Open Source CMS

What good is technology if it does not simplify things? Open Source Content management systems are built around exactly this concept. Web content management systems are essentially developed with cutting edge technology in order to help website owners to update the content (images, text, videos etc.) on your website without the need to seek technical help every time.

We provide open source content management systems for all the major platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

WordPress Development

Wordpress Development

Elite InfoWorld is a WordPress Development company in India providing businesses with a wide range of custom WordPress Development services to build unique websites that create an impact!

WordPress – today’s most popular content management system, provides businesses with a very apt platform for building websites.

A simple architecture, unlimited features, customization as per requirement and ready templates is what makes WordPress a popular choice for web development.

Ease of content management empowers businesses to add new content, delete outdated content and update the website without having to call for technical assistance every time.

Elite Inforworld provides you with quality WordPress Development services to take your business to the next level.

Bringing the power of open source to your website, WordPress provides you with the most apt platform for building your online presence on!

You can hire dedicated WordPress Developers right here! Contact us now –, call +91-79-40050401 or request a quote here!


Professional web designs were used to ensure that the website looked just right for this reputed firm



WooCommerce was used to add shopping cart and e-commerce like features.


Ecommerce Website Development

Open Source Ecommerce

Online shopping is fun! And we add to all that fun with great e-commerce websites that have the most exciting features!

We offer E-commerce website development services with prime focus on building a successful online venture. A happening online store is perfectly built with all the features for sales, offers and gift cards, convenient shopping carts and payment options, clear product images with the ability to zoom and lots more. We include all the necessary features to give your customers a great shopping experience!

We also specialize in ecommerce customization by extensions integration. Working with CMS such as Magento, Open Cart etc.

Magento Web Developement

Give your customers an online shopping experience of a lifetime!

Creating online shopping experiences that are close to real is what all ecommerce stores aim at. Magento web development and customization services are built around this concept. Adding new and innovative features to your online shop and giving your customers an intuitive, engaging experience is what our Magento e-commerce development services ensures.

Adding exclusive features for product display, functionalities that support end of season sales and offers, contests, timers and social media integration gives your online store a lively look and maintains a high level of customer interaction and engagement with your store. We understand the importance of quick, convenient and highly secure checkout processes.

You can hire Magento developers and leverage from their expertise to build the most happening online store for your business!

Opencart Development

The success of your e-commerce website largely depends on how tactfully your shopping cart is designed! Customers, who can conveniently add products and quickly checkout, are the ones who will actually complete the transaction! There are various aspects of a shopping cart that need to be skillfully designed – like ease of adding products, payment gateway integration and secure payments. It is also important to select the right technology for this purpose.

Open cart is an open source online shopping cart that is built with PHP and provides a robust shopping cart solution for e-commerce websites.

Elite Infoworld provides you with Open Cart development services to build customer friendly shopping carts to convert your shoppers into actually paying customers!


Magento Enterprise Edition used along with appropriate Magento Extensions.



Quick checkout features that enhances shopping experiences.