Chappalwalla Chappalwalla is an estore with a unique collection of typically Indian, yet contemporary & practical chappals or ‘slippers’. Keeping with the tradition, these slippers are made by craftsmen and women to the highest of standards. These chappals are explicitly designed with simplicity focusing on traditional designs and vibrant colours. Special attention is given to comfort and how the slipper moulds as a second skin.

ServicesChappalwalla is an online store and hence required all the features of an ecommerce store. Chappals were designed typically for the Indian taste and catered to those who preferred a traditional look as well as contemporary look.

  • For Women
  • our story

Project Brief

An online store to be able to sell the uniquely designed chappals and reach out to customers all over India from a single online platform.

  • Magento was selected to create the estore for Chappalwalla.
  • Unlimited product categories and unlimited product pages.
  • Payment gateway integration for online purchases of products.
  • Smart shopping cart solutions with quick and easy checkout processes.
  • Rich and user friendly features ensured exemplary shopping experiences for customers.


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