Chiropractium Exclusive for the CCA members, Chiropractium helps strengthen the professional community with a platform that enables evidence informed practices and enriches patient experiences!

ServicesIn order to bring the Chiropractic community together and enable them to manage their patients and practice more efficiently, Chiropractium offers users with a mobile app that can be used on both Android as well as iPhone. The app brings all the members of CCA together - on a single platform.

Project Brief

Client required a mobile app to bring the Chiropractor community together. The app is exclusive for the member of CCA (Canadian Chiropractic Association). The app must provide features for users to create their profiles, showcase their practice and provide easy to use tools for patient management and practice management.

App Features

  • Members can create their profiles and mention their specialties
  • Patient management enables users to manage their patients.
  • Practice management features to run other administrative tasks of the practice smoothly.
  • Evidence informed practice as all patient information is available at one place.
  • Accessibility to articles and latest medical information relevant to their practice.
  • The mobile app works on both Android as well as iPhone
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