Class God

Creating a student - to - student learning environment online

Class God is a common platform for students with all aptitudes to share their knowledge and help each other with assignments. If you are particularly good at some subjects you can help others and if you need help with some assignments, you can hire tutors!

ServicesClient requested an online portal where students could seek help by hiring tutors for their assignments. It is a platform where you can sign up as a student or a tutor and help each other with assignments. This website must have features for payment integration and plagiarism so as to ensure that the content provided is authentic and original and that the assignments are not just copied from some other website!

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Project Brief

Creating a common online platform where students can help each other and simultaneously earn required meticulous planning. The website was developed in core PHP and used MySQL as the backend database. User registration, escrow payment integration and plagiarism checker we some of the most important features of this website.

  • Built with core PHP and uses MySQL as the database.
  • Users get instant help for their projects by hiring the right tutors.
  • Secure payment features using Escrow.
  • Ability to post assignments.
  • Hire the right help for various assignments.
  • Plagiarism checker feature for ensuring originality of the completed assignment.