Flourish Pure Foods Enhancing the quality of life, fitness & health Flourish offers natural, quality & innovative food products – especially milk and milk products and delivers Superior Nutrition & Taste. The company aims to contribute to the nutrition and health needs by focusing on freshness & purity, quality as well as innovative delicious products.

ServicesSuperior nutrition and taste has been a unique differentiator for Flourish ever since the launch of their products in the market. Their focus is to provide customers an extension into healthy sources of nutrition through fruit beverages, healthy cooking products that enrich our consumers’ lives every day.

Project Brief

Flourish Pure Foods aims to provide customers with natural and nutritious milk and milk products.

  • WordPress was selected as a preferred platform to develop the website.
  • Graphics was given greater importance.
  • High resolution images ensured that the website looked pixel perfect.
  • Colors used on the website ensured that the visuals talk louder than words!


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