Matcha Origin Matcha is a natural, organic drink that promotes health, vitality and clarity as well. It provides a natural burst of energy and is instantly refreshing and stress relieving. With a dream to bring premium organic Japanese matcha to Singpore, client wanted to create an ecommerce website to make this product easily available for everyone who needs that instant stress buster!

ServicesWith an aim to make organic matcha available to a larger customer base, client requested an ecommerce website that could help sell this product online and deliver it to customers at their doorstep!

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Project Brief

Taking into consideration the features required for the website, OpenCart was selected as the programming platform. An ecommerce website was created with all the features that are most relevant to an online business. Open cart had all the built in features required to conduct business online such as product listings and categories, shopping cart and efficient checkout.

  • The website was designed to look fresh and appealing to customers who wish to buy organic matcha.
  • The design was made to look clean and clutter free.
  • Open cart was used for development of the ecommerce website.
  • High quality graphics were used for product images.
  • Easy navigation, quick payment and smooth checkouts were some of the highlighted features of this website.
  • The website was designed to provide customers with an excellent shopping experience.