MobAppTemplate Download ready to use mobile application design templates and save hours of development time. MobAppTemplate offers developers with ample designs for a broad set of industry verticals. The templates have an open license so that developers can buy them and modify them as per their requirements!

ServicesMobile application development is made easy and so much more convenient when you have a design ready. MobAppTemplate offers developers with platform ready designs for Android, iOS and other major mobile development platforms.

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Project Brief

Client requested a website to display platform ready app templates that developers can purchase, download, customize as use as per their requirements. WordPress, along with WooCommerce was used for this project. Our team of WordPress Developers expertly integrated shopping cart features into the website using advanced technology woocommerce in addition to the usual WordPress features for Blog, social media etc.


  • WordPress Development was selected for this project
  • WooCommerce was used to add shopping cart and ecommerce like features.
  • Payment gateway and security features added.
  • Social media plug ins used.
  • mobile app template android
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