Rummy Game Development Rummy is an online version of the classic Indian game of cards where players create groups, deal a pack of cards and create sets or sequences – just like in the real game! Winners can take home cash prizes too.

ServicesThis online game of Rummy offers players with a challenge to play a 13 card game, 21 cards game or 24 cards game. The objective is to make combinations or sets or sequences. The player who finishes first – wins and points are counted accordingly. And if cash is the prize, it can be securely transferred to the user’s account.

Project Brief

The Rummy application is a completely entertaining online version of the classic Indian game of cards. The online version makes it even more fun as there is a social element since a number of players are involved. Players can also enjoy this game on their smartphones. It is available for download on Android as well as for iOS. If players choose to play with cash, the app also has features for highly secure transactions!

App Features

  • Ability to enjoy your favorite card game online.
  • Players can play with or without cash.
  • Features for highly secure cash transactions.
  • Ability to download and play the game on Android or iPhones.
  • Simply fun and lots of emtertainment!
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