Trek – The Route King! Reintroduce yourself to the joy of cycling! Trek is built especially for those passionate cyclists who love to explore new routes and have fun! You can capture your starting point, end point and create your own routes. Once you discover a new route, you are the KING of that route – until someone challenges you and beats you by cycling the same route in less time!

ServicesThe app was developed for those who find joy in cycling! The app adds an extra fun element to it by enabling cyclists to discover routes, challenge each other and gather maximum ‘wins’. The one who discovers a particular route first is designated as the KING of that route. The app needed to have features such as Maps integration, camera, social sharing, timer etc.

App Features

  • The challenge is to remain the unchallenged KING of your route!
  • Ability to click a picture at the starting and end point and upload it to the app for other cyclists to see.
  • Maps integration to track and trace the entire route for each cyclist.
  • Social sharing features for sharing with friends.
  • Available for download on Android and iOS.
trek one
trek two
trek three
trek four
trek five